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Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

Catalytic converters would not be able to function without the presence of some type of diesel oxidation catalyst. Designed to aid in the oxidation of several particulates found in diesel emissions, the presence of diesel oxidation catalysts manage the conversion of carbon monoxide and different kinds of hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide or water vapor.

The inclusion of the catalysts in diesel catalytic exhaust systems is important no matter where the engine will be in use. Whether you are talking about an engine that powers a moving vehicle on the road or equipment that is used in settings like coal or gold mines, repairs to tunnels in a road system, or heavy machinery used in enclosed manufacturing facilities, the right type of catalyst will reduce emissions that are harmful to the environment. That in turn reduces exposure to emissions that could cause health issues with people who work near the engines.

There are factors that will determine how conversion takes place. One happens to be the temperature in the area where the engine is in operation. A good rule of thumb is to keep the space as cool as possible. While the temperature will be more difficult to control in some settings, such as in a tunnel, business owners who are looking to use catalysts as a way to reduce emissions in a manufacturing setting will find it easier to keep the space around the engine cool at all times. By doing so, the owner ensures the catalyst can more efficiently handle the conversion from toxic emissions to harmless ones.

Wearing protective gear is also important to responsible handling. Gloves are definitely recommended. Long sleeves and safety goggles are often suggested by the makers of catalyst products. The goal is to ensure that any contact with the fumes from the catalyst do not trigger any skin irritations or similar issues.

Our diesel oxidation catalysts are specially designed for use on diesel power generators to meet RICE NESHAP requirements. By using our diesel oxidation catalyst harmful pollutants can be burned (oxidized) by up to 75%+. For more information regarding RICE NESHAP click here


  1. Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (SXC-F):
    Our SXC-F (clamped) diesel oxidation catalyst is designed to be installed inline in the engine exhaust system before or after the original equipment muffler. The SXC-F clamped style diesel oxidation catalyst incorporates V-band clamps with gaskets to enable the inlet and outlet cones to be removed from the catalytic core. This design allows for quick removal of the catalytic core without dismantling the vehicle exhaust system. Normally we recommend that you install the model SXC-F diesel oxidation catalyst as close to the engine exhaust manifold outlet or turbocharger outlet as possible. We will require your horsepower rating at 1800 rpm and exhaust pipe outside diameter (O.D.) when you place a purchase order.


  2. DOC Muffler:
    Our DOC muffler is a "direct fit" replacement for your original equipment manufactured muffler. To install a DOC muffler remove the stock original equipment muffler and install the catalytic muffler directly in place. We will require your equipment make, model, horsepower rating at 1800 rpm, machine serial number and the stock muffler part number when you place a purchase order. For additional information click here

The Major Catalytic Oxidation Reactions which Occur are:

Carbon Monoxide: 2CO + O2 2CO2
Hydrocarbons: HC + O2 CO2 + H2O
Aldehydes: HCHO + O2 CO2 + H2O


    Our diesel oxidation catalyst design features a unique “tortuous” flowpath catalytic core, incorporating a curved mixed flow cell design. This takes advantage of the physical properties of harmful pollutants, increasing contact with the catalytic core surface. In comparison straight flowpath diesel oxidation catalyst designs allow a percentage of soluble organic particulate to flow through the catalytic core without contacting the catalyst.


    Our diesel oxidation catalyst design has a carefully distributed high quality coating of precious metals upon a uniform high porosity wash coat. The coating provides a longer reliable life and increases thermal durability of the catalyst, increasing functionality in the most adverse operating conditions. The high quality coating ensures a long and reliable operating life in the most adverse operating conditions.


    Our diesel oxidation catalyst core is made up of high strength, ultra thin metallic walls which reduce exhaust back pressure restriction to a minimum. Even under high load/speed engine operating conditions, the operating efficiency of the engine will not be affected.


    Our diesel oxidation catalyst incorporates several design features which result in excellent stability and reliability under extremely high temperatures and severe vibration. Thick foil retainer rings and folded catalytic edges improve overall structural rigidity.


    Our diesel oxidation catalyst core design will minimize the formation of accumulated particulate matter. The compact and efficient design of the diesel exhaust gas purifier allows for easy installation and service with minimal equipment downtime.
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