Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Regular DPF cleaning and maintenance can lead to longer DPF service life, increased fuel economy and performance, and less equipment downtime and lower operating costs.

The CEP Complete Bake and Clean Service:

  • 8 hours baking in industrial grade kiln at up to 1050 degrees F, burning the excess deposits of soot into ash
  • Weighing, flow testing, and pressure testing for complete cleaning with custom report provided to you per DPF
  • Second filter blowing to remove all excess ash. Process repeated until DPF is completely clear
  • Final inspection and hand blowing so that DPF cell is completely unplugged. No surprises on reinstallation!
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Here at Catalytic Exhaust we have over 25 years in the emission control industry. We understand that replacement DPF and DOC technology can be expensive. That’s why we offer a complete, competitively priced “Bake and Clean” service for DPF and DOC filters. We can typically have your filter baked, cleaned and returned to you within 1 business day.

With our tried and tested cleaning process, we can provide a “Soot/Ash Free Guarantee” for every filter cleaned. We can service DPF’s of all shapes and sizes for light, medium or heavy duty equipment used in on-road or off-road applications.

At CEP we have competitive pricing which guarantees that you get a quality cleaning that’s cost effective for you. Quick turnaround times and free local pickup and delivery make Catalytic Exhaust your best choice.

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We value your privacy. Your information will never be sold or shared.

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