Flexible Manufacturing System

Flexible manufacturing systems are processes that make it possible to modify or shift the production of goods if a certain set of circumstances arise. Those circumstances can be events that were predicted to take place at some point, or they can involve events or a series of events that occur due to unforeseen developments. When the operation is set up in a way that it’s simple to make adjustments and keep going, that setup is truly seen as a flexible manufacturing system.

Part of establishing such a system is to work with suppliers who can provide necessary components on an emergency basis. Consider what it would mean to business productivity if the catalytic exhaust systems in several delivery vehicles were damaged due to some sort of natural disaster. Before those vehicles can be pressed back into service, new systems must be received and installed. By having at least one supplier who can prepare the order and expedite the shipment, the removal of the old system and the installation of the new one can be completed sooner rather than later.

Even if the problem is not due to an act of nature, it helps if the supplier can provide necessary components and accessories as quickly as possible. Perhaps some scheduling issue resulted in one or more exhaust purifier scrubbers not being cleaned at the right time. The residue coupled with the clogging has begun to slow the engines down noticeably. If a supplier can have all the necessary cleaning supplies on the way for quick delivery, it’s possible to correct the problem before any more damage is done.

Remember that one way to establish an effective FMS is to anticipate usage. Take a look at usage of specific parts and accessories over the last 12 months. Establish a minimum reorder volume so that there is little danger of running out before the supply is replenished. To be on the safe side, consider ordering one or two extra units above the minimum to keep on hand. If something unexpected happens, it will be easier to overcome whatever obstacle has taken place and get things back on track.

A flexible manufacturing system allows product orders of any size to be quickly prepared and shipped. Vertical integration allows our production and sales team to work together and make adjustments to production instantly. Catalytic Exhaust Products Limited can simultaneously handle large volume and single unit purchases from multiple customers.

The flexibility available isn’t limited to production size. Catalytic Exhaust Products Limited offers multiple solutions to any engine. There are two primary options offered to customers:

  • SXC-P – The Plain Style Purifier are a simple inline add-on unit that can be attached to any engine.
  • SXC-F – The clamped style purifiers are similar to the plain purifiers in which they are an inline add-on unit that can be attached to any engine. The clamped style model incorporates quick release V-band clamps with gaskets to allow easy removal of the catalytic core.
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