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Parts and Accessories

Exhaust systems are designed to offer excellent performance for long periods of time. With proper maintenance and upkeep, the system may even outlast the vehicle or machinery. One way that you can ensure the system remains at top efficiency is by investing in new parts and accessories when the need arises.

Choosing to buy new components provides a number of benefits. One has to do with minimizing the wear and tear on other system components. When a part has worn and is no longer working as efficiently as it should, that creates additional stress on the other parts. If you choose to delay the replacement long enough, it’s no longer a matter of getting one new component. It will be necessary to invest in multiple parts in order to have the system operating at full efficiency again.

Preventing an increase in toxic fumes is also good reason to invest in the right replacement parts and other accessories. For example, the use of exhaust scrubbers will remove the buildup that threatens to minimize the effectiveness of the conversion process. This is true for gasoline as well as diesel engines. By using properly designed diesel scrubbers, you reduce the buildup of soot and other contaminants. The result is cleaner emissions that pose less of a threat in an enclosed space. That’s particularly important if the equipment or vehicle is being used in a manufacturing facility or for some type of mining operation.

Other replacement equipment will enhance the noise reduction properties of the system. Consider what a difference if would make if you chose to invest in custom purifier mufflers for your vehicles or some of the equipment used in your production facility. The lesser amount of noise makes it easier to comply with governmental regulations related to noise. It also ensures the noise is not a distraction for employees who need to concentrate on their assigned tasks.

Investing in original replacement parts is not difficult. Even if the company that manufactured your vehicle or equipment no longer makes those parts, there’s a good chance that a reliable third party is now producing them. If a custom part is needed, there are providers who are happy to take the information needed to create the component, make sure it will work with your engine and system design, and have it ready for installation in less time than you expected.

  1. The “CEP Exhaust Parts” section includes:

    • Replacement gasket cones
    • NPT Pipe Plugs
    • End Cones
    • V-Band Clamps
    • Centerbody Cores


  2. The “Nelson Exhaust Parts” section includes:

    • Stacks
    • Tail Pipes
    • Elbows
    • Tubing
    • Clamps
    • Connectors
    • Reducers
    • EZ Seal Clamps
    • Torctite™ Seals


  3. The “Nelson Spark Arrestors” section focuses on universal spark arrestors that are approved by the US Forest Services.


  4. The “Firwin Parts Insulation Blankets” section focuses on non-combustible high quality insulation blankets for a variety of uses. Firwin Parts insulation blankets meet multiple standards including:

    • MIL-I-16411 Type II and MIL-I-24244
    • Coast Guard Spec for incombustible materials 164.009
    • UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
    • CSI Accepted
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