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Parts and Accessories

Spare Parts List

Part NumberDescription
4-100Gasket, Cone – 4SX-F
5-100Gasket, Cone – 5SX-F
6-100Gasket, Cone – 6SX-F
7-100Gasket, Cone – 7SX-F
8-100Gasket, Cone – 8SX-F to 16SX-F
3-2001/8” NPT Pipe Plug – All Models
4-150End Cone – 4SX-1.5” F
4-175End Cone – 4SX-1.75” F
4-120End Cone – 4SX-2.0” F
4-1225End Cone – 4SX-2.25” F
4-125End Cone – 4SX-2.5” F
5-150End Cone – 5SX-1.5” F
5-175End Cone – 5SX-1.75” F
5-120End Cone – 5SX-2.0” F
5-1225End Cone – 5SX-2.25” F
5-125End Cone – 5SX-2.5” F
6-120End Cone – 6SX-2.0” F
6-1225End Cone – 6SX-2.25” F
6-125End Cone – 6SX-2.5” F
6-130End Cone – 6SX-3.0” F
6-135End Cone – 6SX-3.5” F
6-140End Cone – 6SX-4.0” F
7-120End Cone – 7SX-2.0” F
7-1225End Cone – 7SX-2.25” F
7-125End Cone – 7SX-2.5” F
7-130End Cone – 7SX-3.0” F
7-135End Cone – 7SX-3.5” F
7-140End Cone – 7SX-4.0” F
8-130End Cone – 8SX to 16SX-3.0” F
8-135End Cone – 8SX to 16SX-3.5” F
8-140End Cone – 8SX to 16SX-4.0” F
8-145End Cone – 8SX to 16SX-4.5” F
8-150End Cone – 8SX to 16SX-5.0” F
8-160End Cone – 8SX to 16SX-6.0” F
4-300V-Band Clamp – 4SX-F
5-300V-Band Clamp – 5SX-F
6-300V-Band Clamp – 6SX-F
7-300V-Band Clamp – 7SX-F
8-300V-Band Clamp – 8SX-F
4-400Centerbody Core – 4SX-F
5-400Centerbody Core – 5SX-F
6-400Centerbody Core – 6SX-F
7-400Centerbody Core – 7SX-F
8-400Centerbody Core – 8SX-F
10-400Centerbody Core – 10SX-F
12-400Centerbody Core – 12SX-F
14-400Centerbody Core – 14SX-F
16-400Centerbody Core – 16SX-F
Call For a Quote:1-800-551-5525 or send an email request:
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