Optimum Thermal Insulation

Since heat is so important to the function of exhaust purifier scrubbers, it pays to make sure the right steps are taken to produce and maintain the right level of heat generation. The first one is to test the current temperature while the engine is operating. Doing so makes it possible to determine if the ideal temperature range is achieved and maintained, or if some type of adjustment or replacement is needed.

Another approach to enjoying the best catalytic exhaust system performance is to assess the insulation and the coating that is present on different components. The goal is to identify any areas where the coating appears to be thin. With the insulation, consulting with the original manufacturer will make it easier to determine what results the material was designed to provide and compare it to what is happening during use.

All exhaust purifier scrubbers require a large amount of heat to oxidize harmful exhaust pollutants. If the exhaust temperature is too low the scrubber will not work effectively or may not work at all. With the correct scrubber and temperature overall reductions can be as high as 86% or more.

All of the purifier scrubbers produced at Catalytic Exhaust Products Limited feature double wall insulation. Double wall insulation helps to reduce heat transfer loss from the engine’s exhaust system. Additionally installation instructions to maximize the transfer of heat energy from your engine are standard with any emission reduction equipment.

Catalytic Exhaust Products Limited also carries heat wrap blankets to increase the emission reduction efficiency. The thermal blankets we offer are custom manufactured using layered fiberglass materials to provide exceptional heat and noise control at temperatures to 2000°F (1100°C).

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