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Purifier Mufflers

Purifier Mufflers - Performance


SXC - Features an advanced wall flow core design to provide very efficient scrubbing of gaseous, solid and vapor state diesel pollutants at relatively low cost. Catalyst selectivity features control Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions and result in average NO2 increases of 55% over 8 mode ISO8178 C1 test performed by NRC-Canmet.

SX - Features a unique “tortuous” flowpath catalytic core designed to take advantage of the physical properties of diesel particulate matter. Coated with high quality precious metals and superior grade washcoats, the SX core provides high efficiency oxidation of harmful pollutants overall by up to 90%+.

SC - Features a unique catalyst formulation which will reduce Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions by 29%+ over an 8 mode ISO8178 C1 test cycle performed by NRC-Canmet. The reduction of NO2 is especially critical in the case of certain Tier 3 and Tier 4 diesel engines which have 3 to 5 times the baseline NO2 emissions of comparable Tier 0, Tier 1 and Tier 2 diesel engines..

Please note: The diesel exhaust purifier scrubber requires exhaust heat energy to function properly therefore the closer you are to the engine exhaust manifold outlet or turbocharger outlet the better the diesel exhaust purifier scrubber will perform.

 SXC PurifierSX PurifierSC Purifier
Carbon Monoxide (CO)72%-90%75%-90%+ 75%-90%
Hydrocarbons (HC)60%-80% 60%-80%+ 65%-80%
Aldehydes (HCHO)70%-80% 70%-85% 70%-85%
Particulate Matter (PM)15%-25% 20%-30% 5%-15%
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)4% 0% 20%-29%+
Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)0% 0%0%

Gas/Propane/Natural Gas:

Gas purifier mufflers emission reductions are dependent on engine maintenance, running on heavy to medium load and slightly leaning the engine carburetor jet to provide additional oxygen for increased catalyst activity. The following average exhaust gas emissions can be expected:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) = 70%-82%+
Hydrocarbons (HC) = 55%-88%+
Ocides of Nitrogen (NOx) = 80%-85%+


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